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Our drug candidates, ‘1805 and ‘1104, are in development to achieve superior long-term disease remission with less frequent dosing, as compared to current therapies, without suppressing the immune system.

‘1805 has demonstrated remission of disease in rheumatoid arthritis up to 12 weeks from a single dose in a Phase 2 study. ‘1104 has been shown to be safe and well tolerated in two clinical studies as well as proving to be a key regulatory of an inflammatory protein in allergic disease. In addition, both have demonstrated strong efficacy and safety in many preclinical studies to date.

Revolo Pipeline

Our Pipeline

‘1104 ‘1805 Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Plan EOE Allergic Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis Uveitis Phase 2 initiated in Q4 2021. Learn More Phase 2 Allergen sensitivity study initiated in Q4 2021 Second Phase 2 to initiate in H1 2023 Phase 2 to initiate in H1 2023